Before every date we are told to just be ourselves, and we really want to. But dating is not the most comfortable situation, and it is not that simple. Have you ever ruined a first date simply because you were embarrassed and stressed, or did you say forced things in an unnatural effort to bring yourself out the coolest there is? If so, you are not alone. First dates can be stressful.

You can sit in front of the potential love of your life, and still behave strangely. The stress and embarrassment of the situation may make you behave strangely and not like yourself, even when you really want it to work. But it is possible otherwise, calmly.

Luckily for us, cannabis is known to be quite beneficial in tense times where you need to relax, unwind and be more relaxed, even for those for whom relaxation does not really come naturally. Who knows, maybe you will even smoke a joint or a vape together on the second date.

When you smoke before a date, it is important that you get to know yourself. If you are a regular cannabis consumer, you can adapt the variety that suits you better and even try new varieties that you are not familiar with.

On the other hand, if you know that smoking may make you even more anxious and stressed, it is recommended that you choose a strain rich in CBD (such as ACDC), smoke very little or not smoke at all.

Although the tips here are for a first date, they are suitable for any stressful situation in which you would like to relax and be at your best: a job interview, a test or a meeting with your spouse’s parents (yeah right!!).

So do yourself a favor, smoke something, relax and arrive to your next date full of confidence, grace and personal charm. It’s time to make all the potential suitors fall in love with you as the sex symbol that you really are. Here are the varieties that will help you do that:


  1. Blue Dream

Of course Blue Dream will be on this list. how wouldn’t it? This is an oval hybrid variety with a dominant Sativa and is perfect for another boost of energy that will put a smile on your face. In addition, it is considered a very liberating strain that creates an atmosphere of calm, joy and light euphoria. So take some good tokes from the Blue Dream and feel how the soothing stella goes through you from head to toe, adding a little pepper to your conversation.


  1. ACDC

It makes perfect sense that not everyone prefers to come stoned to the first date. ACDC is a strain that is almost THC-free and saturated with CBD. At a ratio of 1:20 (THC: CBD), this strain imparts calmness and serenity. So if you want to relax but prefer not to get high on the first date, this one is for you.


  1. Island Sweet Skunk

It is an uplifting variety with stimulating and energetic effects. Island Sweet Skunk is a sativa that calms the body and helps with anxiety. Many testified that after smoking it you feel a pleasant euphoric feeling and it is very difficult to get into a bad mood or stress. So if you choose to smoke from it before the first date, do not hesitate. This is a great strain that will put you in a pleasant vibe and help you spread positive energy to your date as well.


  1. Cannatonic

Canatonic is another hybrid strain with a high percentage of CBD, and almost free of THC (up to 6%). It is considered one of the best medical varieties and is known for its mild and soothing effects. It is very effective in treating pain, anxiety and migraines. The canononic is perfect for those who want a light and uplifting high, but less want to behave strangely and be pathetic and awkward in front of the date.


  1. Agent Orange

Agent Orange looks and smells just like its name – it is a strain with a dominant sativa covered with orange hairs, smells of lemon and is saturated with trichomes. Its effects are uplifting and also help treat bad moods and depression. So even if you got fixed up for a date that you really don’t want, or if you are just desperate to sit in front of strangers and examine potential mates, the orange agent will make sure you come with positive energy and a smile on your face.


  1. Harlequin

Harlequin is a strain with the genetics of dominant Sativa, but it also has high percentages of CBD for balance (5: 2 THC: CBD ratio). The main effect of the strain is clarity and relief of pain and anxiety. So if you feel like getting high without anxiety, smoke a little Harlequin before the date. It will make you as alert and vital as any Sativa, and on the other hand will ease the tension and stress of the encounter.


  1. Lamb’s Bread

This is another great sativa that will give you a boost of energy and help you articulate all your social skills. This strain is known for its bouncy and happy effects and it helps to eliminate anxiety and stimulate creativity. After some “bread”, the conversation will flow by itself, you will be free and the chemistry will be great. Keep in mind that this is a strong sativa, so do not overdo it.



In general – you should not put all the responsibility for the date on what you smoke – try to be present at the meeting yourself. And if you’ve already smoked too much and forgotten you set out tonight, try explaining it to the other side. If they understood and forgave, you probably have something special.




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