Quite a few businesses and service providers of all kinds have been exposed in recent years to the special needs of cannabis consumers. It could be a kiosk owner putting a variety of smoking utensils on his shelf, or service providers like accountants and even graphic designers who are required to know the consumer culture of cannabis consumers in order to service their clients properly. Some of the industries that are affected by the change in policy towards the cannabis plant is the tourism industry.

Cities and states are still trying to decipher the issue of public consumption and social use regulations, so for a tourist in a city that has legalization, the challenge still remains: you may be able to get flowers, but you can not smoke them everywhere.

The following list will help you choose the places that will support your cannabis consumption, even if not officially and explicitly.

A brief Google search of the search terms ‘cannabis friendly’ or the Airbnb app will bring up a respectable list of relevant results, i.e. ones that you can smoke without fear, although this will probably not be mentioned as part of the official description of those hosting centers.

In addition, there are lists like ‘The Travel Joint’ and ‘Bud and Breakfast‘ that have taken up the gauntlet and offer a whole range of experiences designed for cannabis-loving travelers. While it can be not easy to find a place that is openly friendly to cannabis, the list we have chosen for you will help you find the best places.

Some hotels provide cannabis on arrival, some will leave you smoking accessories of your choice inside the room, and in some you will also find a color-changing hot tub or just friends for a chat with a common denominator.

Here are some of the most interesting and pampering places, including some that are officially cannabis friendly. Here is the global guide to your next destination:


Jupiter Portland Hotel, Oregon, starting at $ 152 per night


The level of design of this boutique hotel is so high that it has also been recognized by the top boutique hotel ratings in the entire United States, highly recommended and he is the one who first recognized the potential of cannabis tourism in Oregon, and one of his services is a perfect package for the cannabis lover and it includes a manche kit, vape pen, cannabis magazine, and coupons to purchase flowers at the local dispensary. Even animal lovers will be able to enjoy here, and bring their favorite pet, the hotel will already help you take care of all its needs.



Pampering Cannabis Loft in Denver, Colorado, starting at $ 349 per night


Traveling to the place where it all started? So you will probably want to stay in the heart of what is happening in the prestigious two-story loft, from which a field view is reflected and located near the reno neighborhood. It is allowed to smoke cannabis inside, but you may prefer to smoke it upstairs, from the Jacuzzi on the deck on the roof, with a view to the other side overlooking the south of the city.

However, if you prefer a hotel, Magnolia is the hotel with the best view where you can smoke cannabis.



Luxury apartment 420 Las Vegas, Nevada, starting at $ 140 per night


When the time comes to retire, you can do it in this wonderful apartment. Adjacent to the Palms Casino and with access to the hotel’s spa for apartment guests, with 24 – hour room service, concierge, pool, jacuzzi and much more. In the apartment you will find various cannabis products for tasting, and within walking distance is the supermarket where you can stock up on your favorite varieties.



Winston home Seattle Washington starts at $ 89 per night


One of the most dedicated hospitality centers for their cannabis friendliness and has won quite a few positive reviews thanks to the atmosphere, hippie space and vibe. The private entrance of the guests is equipped with all the goodness of a luxury hotel, but here there is one thing that sets the hotel apart, all the cannabis smoking products are provided by the hotel, Including everything needed for the ultimate experience such as speakers, yoga mats, a pampering fireplace, a hot tub and more. One look at the landscape says it all.




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