A women in her early 30 contracted rheumatoid arthritis. Pain took over her life. She began to have difficulty walking and at nights cried in pain and fear of tomorrow.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by the attack of the joints by the immune system which leads to the destruction and distortion of the joints involved.


The Conventional treatment

The treatment of arthritis relies mainly on medication, to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, and sometimes surgical treatment is also required for orthoscopic rinsing of the joint or its replacement.

In the early years the woman was treated with painkillers and steroids: “The pain improved significantly, but I felt that the drugs were turning me into a zombie. I barely communicated, and despite the pain relief, I could not function normally because I was turned off and had dizziness and vomiting.”

When she was offered medical cannabis treatment – her life changed. “It was fast and dramatic” she shares, “within minutes the pains faded, they were there but suddenly with the cannabis I could move and do things without them interfering with me. It’s a strange feeling that is hard to put into words. Life becomes simple and the disease becomes tolerable. Life experience and chores become possible, and sometimes even enjoyable“.


Medical cannabis and arthritis

In recent years, cannabis has become part of the treatment of arthritis. Most states that have approved medical use of the plant have recognized arthritis as one of its contraindications. Studies from recent years and testimonials from arthritis patients have established the effectiveness of medical cannabis in significantly relieving major symptoms of the disease and improving their quality of life, Emphasis on pain relief, improves mood, relaxes, improves appetite, relaxes stiff muscles and supports a decrease in inflammatory activity.



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