Not so long ago, using cannabis for recreational purposes and a virtual reality (VR) attraction seemed like two distant and illogical dreams, almost equally. Today, cannabis consumers and virtual reality gamers are blending the two, claiming that they complement each other perfectly and create a more enjoyable and powerful virtual experience.


A combination from heaven

Seven Gray, the founder of the arts and entertainment company Seven Ghosts and the cannabis company JADE, has been experimenting and researching for three years with the aim of combining virtual reality with cannabis. Gray says he has often noticed that people who get high before entering the world of virtual reality tend to be calmer and less worried and anxious about how they might be perceived by “the people out there.”

I like to give people a chance to try to enter the world of virtual reality after they have smoked, and I think it’s a unique experience” Gray says in an interview with him, “Cannabis makes the game even more abstract than it actually is, making the player feel almost like he is in a dream, There is also an increase in the level of flexibility and ease of movement of the actor, and although the whole subject of virtual reality is unique in itself, it is clear that cannabis gives it an extra dimension and enhances the depth of the experience. ”


Sativa or Indica – what to smoke before entering virtual reality

A stable hybrid strain, which is not too rich in THC (maximum 15%) is in a good place in the middle, and its effect allows the player to enjoy all the worlds and not let some of the negative side effects of cannabis affect the game experience.

If you do not have ‘OG KUSH’ in stock, try to choose a hybrid variety (60-40 or 50-50), preferably one that also contains 1-2% of CBD. The effect of CBD will help alleviate the psychoactive nature of the effect, and will help the user to enter a calm and deep atmosphere.



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