Grove Bags – Wicket Bags

Grove Bags Wicket Bags are perfect for all of your bulk storage needs. They are made from our patented TerpLoc™ film with added UV protection, and come in two sizes. Both sizes come with 100 bags preloaded on a wicket to help streamline your process and improve efficiency. The small size can line a 5-gallon bucket and the large size fits into a 27-gallon tote when full. Never use a terpene-destroying turkey bag again!

Two size dimentions:

  • Small (5 gal) 100 pcs/wicket (500/case) $498.23
  • Large (5 gal) 100 pcs/wicket (200/case) $355.88 KILLER PRICE! This item is heavily discounted and does not qualify for other sales or discounts.


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